A number of years ago, the government promised to make planning more concise. Rather than lessen the guidance, the government abbreviated policy with the use of more acronyms, which means that planning guidance can be impenetrable without a glossary to hand.

More recently, the abbreviated guidance has been reduced further and presented as the National Planning Policy Framework. Concise policy and guidance often means that it is what is not stated that matters more than what is set out, and such background context is therefore invaluable.

Our Expertise

Directions Planning Consultancy is able to design training and education programmes to provide a sound grounding in planning matters or, for example, to improve understanding of the changes to the system that are currently under way. Programmes are bespoke and constructed to meet the needs of groups such as parish councils, community action groups, public sector organisations, students or, indeed, any group with a desire to further their understanding of this difficult area. Designed to be delivered in an appropriate form - presentation, interactive workshop, or a series of informal discussions - the target is to make planning more accessible.