Directions Planning Consultancy understands the importance of engaging stakeholders in planning processes.

The views of local community groups were already important, but have been brought to the fore by the government's Localism Agenda.

Understanding and utilising consultation with community groups and the wider public is not just about fulfilling statutory requirements. It can also ensure planning proposals are more likely to receive support and ultimately secure a realistic planning permission or allocation by dealing with misconceptions and reaching consensus.

Our Expertise

Directions Planning Consultancy is able to organise effective public consultation events in accordance with statutory requirements or in order to comply with the requirements of planning policy.

Understanding the objectives for such engagement, and making sure it is meaningful, are paramount, so we always ensure we maintain a focus on the reasons why consultation is being employed.

We utilise a number of qualitative and quantitative techniques to engage effectively with stakeholders. These may include exhibitions, web-based surveys, questionnaires, workshops and internet forums.