Whether you own a single property, a portfolio, a parcel of land or an Estate, Directions Planning Consultancy can work with you to identify short term opportunities or long term strategies to add value.

Appraising and managing your assets will ensure you benefit from their full potential. It will also ensure they retain or gain value, and do not become a liability.

Our Expertise

Directions Planning Consultancy is experienced in providing advice to a spectrum of land and property owners to enhance value, create a long term income or establish diversification.

In the first instance, we will work with you to understand your objectives and priorities. We are then able to advise on what options may be open to you, drawing on our commercial awareness and knowledge of the planning system. This may be in association with other professionals where it is of benefit to you.

Directions Planning Consultancy can also help you realise potential by applying for planning permission, securing certificates of lawful use or by putting you in touch with other professionals.